This class is for intermediate to advanced dancers. Warm up will be designed to strengthen and awaken the body. Organizing and aligning, creating a strong center using principles of Yoga, Pilates, dance conditioning, and ballet. Softening and articulating for suppleness using release technique, classic modern dance, and exercises to sequence and segment the spine.  The second half of class, we will dance from the inside out, and the outside in, working on simple gestures to complex, technically challenging, stylized movement phrases.  We will explore dance on all planes of the body and invert movement phrases to develop strength and versatility.  NOTE:  This class is part of the IDA certificate program.  Please call IDA for details.

Contemporary / Modern Dance Class

Tuesday 2:00-3:20

IDA Hollywood

6755 Hollywood Blvd, 2nd Floor

Hollywood, CA 90028

NOTE:  This class is part of the IDA certificate program.

Please call IDA for details.


Photo: Silvia Spross

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